Bruce Lamb’s Club Service with SARC

On the occasion of Bruce’s death on May 24, 2018 while preparing a copy of his obituary to send to Industry Canada, I looked at my Chronology of the Shuswap Amateur Radio Club to review Bruce’s association with the club.
First, I would like it to be remembered that Bruce hosted the club trailer on his property for a number of years, although I do not have specific dates. We are much obliged to him for this.
Here is a record of his participation:
1995: Field Day in the Larch Hills chalet. Bruce operated one station from his own trailer set up nearby.
1995: He gave the club the idea of securing the lock on our VE7RNH site by putting a protective bar over the lock, so that the lock could not be pried off.
1996: Field Day at Haney Park. Bruce now stepped down as Field Day coordinator.
1996: Bruce took some shifts with the club working security at the Armstrong 4H club which SARC undertook as a fund raiser.
1997: Operated at Field Day at Haney.
1997: Operated at the Salmon Arm Fall Fair grounds with VA7F Special Event Station in honor of the 100th Anniversary of the Fall Fair.
1998: Bruce served as club vice-president with Gail O’Connor VE7ARO as president.
1999: Bruce assisted with others in SARC on the Kault Hill Tower hosting the Salmon Arm Seniors ARC antenna for its VE7RSA repeater.
1999: Provincial Exercise Mercury. Bruce made contact with the Provincial Regional Emergency Resource Center in Kamloops on behalf of Salmon Arm along with 23 other operators throughout the province.
2000: Operated Field Day at Haney Park in the antique fire hall.
2000: Operated Jamboree of the Air along with scouts in their hall at Kin Park.
2002 Operated the Canada Day Contest at Piccadilly Mall.
2003 Assisted Roy Doerkson VE7RDV with antenna work for SARC lady club members who hosted the Western YL Conference for that year.
2003 Operate Field Day and the Canada Day Contest.
2003 Falkland Cedar Hills Fire: August 2-9. One of 11 operators who monitored radios around the clock with the PREOC in Kamloops from the Emergency Operations Center upstairs in the old Hydro Building. 284 hours of service from SARC.
2003 McGillivary-Niskonlith Fire: August 16-29. Was one of 13 club operators who invested 338 hours of service in contact with the PREOC in Kamloops.
2003 Operated in the RAC Winter Contest in Piccadilly Mall.
2004 Operated both at Field Day and the Canada Day Contest.
2005 Emergency Preparation Display at the Piccadilly Mall in May. One of four operators.
2005 Operated at Field Day and the Canada Day Contest.
2005 VA7C Special Event Station [3 days] for the 100th Anniversary of Salmon Arm. Bruce was one of the 18 operators who took part.
2005 Basic Qualification Course: Bruce was one of the ten instructors for the course.
2005 Operated the RAC Winter Contest.
2005 Operated both Field Day and the Canada Day Contest.
2006 Operated both at Field Day and the Canada Day Contest.
2006 Salmon Arm Classic Triathlon. Bruce was one of six operators with communication.
2006 28th Annual Shuswap Mini-Hamfest in Tappen. Bruce took part in the flea market and other activities.
2007 Emergency Preparedness Week in May. Bruce was one of eight operators with the SARC trailer providing demonstrations to the community.
2007 Bruce worked the Canada Day Contest.
2007 Salmon Arm Classic Triathlon. One of five operators.
2008 Emergency Preparedness Week in May. One of eighteen operators present.
2008 Field Day at Haney Park held jointly with Cranky and the Vernon operators with North Okanagan Radio Club. Bruce operated here.
2008 Salmon Arm Classic Triathlon. One of seven operators.
2009 Salmon Arm Classic Triathlon. One of seven operators.
2010 Salmon Arm Classic Triathlon. One of seven operators.
2012 Field Day at the airport in conjunction with Airport Appreciation Day.
This is the last entry for Bruce.. The Chronology ended in 2014.
Submitted by Ron VE7RLE, former secretary

Silent Key Bruce Lamb VE7IUQ

Bruce Lamb’s Published Obituary is as follows:
Sep 30. 1925 – May 24, 2018.
It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Bruce Lamb.
Bruce is survived by his wife, Florence of over fifty years; sons, Keith and Garry; and grandchildren, Jody, Danny, Jesse, and Megan Lamb.
Bruce was born in Petersfield, Manitoba and at a young age he and his family moved to Saskatchewan. The family logged and ran sawmills moving from Saskatchewan to Prince George. It was in Prince George where he me the love of his life, Florence.
Bruce was an accomplished pilot, author, and true life adventurer. He was a lifelong member of the BC Wildlife Federation. Well into is later years he still enjoyed going into the wilds of the province to fish or hunt game.
No funeral at his request.
The family would like to thank the staff at SLGH. In lieu of flowers, please donate to the Fish and Game Club.
Condolences may be sent to the Lamb family through Bruce’s obituary at