Adams VA7AHR Battery Renewal: July 7, 2018

In a spirit of cooperation, members of the Shuswap Amateur Radio Club and the Kamloops 4×4 with some newly-minted hams, accomplished the much-needed battery swap which had been delayed for over a year due to weather and unforseen circumstances.

The batteries began their journey up the hill secured in the back of a pickup and then on the front rack of Bill Anderson’s quad VE7KDK, and then by foot on the remaining goat trail to the mouth of the shack.

These 66 lb. batteries were very difficult to set in place due to the fall off of the rock face at the front of the shack. Full marks for all of those shown here who helped in that difficult lift.

The repeater is now working fine, but there will have to be some checking of calibrations on the next visit to check water levels in the spring.

The depleted batteries were returned to Salmon Arm for recycling.

Photographic duties were shared by Ron VE7RLE and Al VE7AN.

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