AHR Service Call

Six of the Club’s members met at the Fas Gas station at the north end of the Squilax bridge at 1100 hours on Saturday, May23rd before heading up to our AHR repeater on the nearby Adams Hill.  Phil/VE7BPH, Dave/VA7HDY, Mike/VA7MK, Bill/VA7WTT, Darrell/VE7IU, Richard/VE6DSF departed the service station for the trail head located at the intersection of the Loakin Bear Creek Road and Holding Road.  We unloaded the quads, three of which were generously provided by Bill, and once all gear was loaded up we were on our way up the mountain.  The ride was on an old, unmaintained access road so progress was cautious and took nearly an hour to reach the repeater at the top.  We saw reasonably fresh bear tracks and scat on the way but felt we had safety in numbers.

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