Queest Mountain Repeater Telemetry

Click here to view the Queest Mountain telemetry.

Battery bank voltages are monitored with a KPC3+ TNC and transmitted on APRS. The voltages indicated on APRS.fi should be divided by 10. i.e. 127 is 12.7 Volts.

The channel assignments are:

  • Channel 1 – SARC Queest Mountain Repeater lead-acid battery bank voltage.
  • Channel 2 – Not in use presently. (Formerly Vella’s battery Voltage.)
  • Chennel 3 – Temperature in degrees Kelvin inside the APRS trailer. Subtract 273 for degrees Celsius.
  • Channel 5 – SARC APRS Digipeater NiCD battery bank voltage.
  • Channel 4 – Not in use presently.