Field Day 2014 a primer only

Field Day as usual will be the last week-End in June at Haney Village/museum by the Lookout tower.
Setup will be on Friday June 27th at a time yet to be confirmed. We do have a few members already committed for the setup and more bodies are always welcome. There may be some added entertainment during antenna rigging if Bill brings his compressed air antenna launcher.
In related news, the trailer has been cleaned up and re-organised by Ron, Dave and Simon. Ron has written up a report on the work done and has also drawn a schematic of the interior detailing the location of all the equipment. This trailer report was presented by Ron at the last regular club meeting, May 8th. Copies will be left in the trailer.
As a result of this Spring clean several issues arose;
The coax may need to be tested and replaced if necessary.
Several items required for Field Day and any other event were in the past supplied by Ron and others. We should get our own stuff and keep it in the trailer instead of packing it back and fore each time.
We should consider acquiring the following items either by donation, purchase or trolling garage sales;
6 folding chairs
3 table lamps
2 folding tables, a 3×6 and a 2×4 would fill the bill.
4-6 extension cords, 15ft each or thereabouts.
1 lightweight stepladder 8ft should work.
A few lengths of good guy rope 50 footers.
If anyone has a surplus of any of the above it will be accepted gratefully, contact me at 250-804-2049.
I will also check garage sales, thrift stores etc. for chairs, tables and lamps.
We can of course buy what we need and any purchases would have to be approved at a regular club meeting