VE7RNH – Winter Service March 2019

On Saturday, VA7TMK, newly-minted SARC club president, as of the AGM two evenings prior, and his band of intrepid snowmobile support keeners, made their way up to the club’s hub repeater VE7RNH at 5500 feet on Granite Peak in the Fly Hills for a much-needed servicing.

Cleaning the panels and restoring battery water-levels has made a huge difference, as the battery voltage which had been limping along at 11.6 volts now displays a healthy 13.6 at mid-day.

Once again, we have broken the back of winter, and if our luck holds, there will be little or no chance of build-up on the panels prior to next fall.

The clubs sincerely appreciates the time and effort put in by these volunteers to provide continued full service with our repeater system.

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