Preparation for Field Day 2017 at Haney Park

On Saturday 10 January the following club members met at the QTH of Peter VE7RZZ to get the ball rolling for Field Day 2017:
Peter VE7RZZ, Simon VE7SHG, Robin VE7HMN, Dave VA7HDY, Tim VA7TMK, Al VE7AN, and Ron VE7RLE.

Tasks Accomplished include the following:
–Trailer Insurance and application of the license tag
–Sweep out trailer and general cleaning
–Clean table and the Club Banner
–Club Generator: minor repair and run in: thanks, Peter
–Check rooftop tube storage for masts, etc.
–Check seals on a trailer window and a trailer vent
–Bring wire dipoles into the trailer
–Make arrangements to get a 20m antenna
–Decide which radios and equipment to bring from MO storage which has been provided to the club by the Shuswap Emergency Program

Thanks, gentlemen: Still lots to do before our set up at the park on the afternoon of Friday, June 23rd.


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