JYE Tech DYI Oscilloscope Kit DSO138

Following the business meeting of SARC on Thursday, 8 June 2017, past president Robin VE7HMN, a member of the Technical Committee, demonstrated a kit which he had assembled in the past week or so.

The DSO 138 is designed as a training oscilloscope for use only in the audio-frequency range. Powered by 9 volts, the unit displays waveforms on a 2.4 inch LCD in 262k colours.

It is attractively priced from Amazon for around $40. A more sophisticated version can be purchased for around $95 for use with radio frequencies in the HF range.

Robin put the scope through its easily-accessed basic functions, impressing members who were able to stay around for a while to get a good look at the kit and its instructions.

Our thanks to Robin for sharing this project with the club.

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