Trailer Report – April 2015


This is being sent to those who may be interested in
the preparation being made to have the trailer taken out to the Sicamous
Safety Fair in the Askew’s lot on Saturday, May 30th.

On Tuesday, April 28th, Simon, David and Ron by prior arrangement spent about
three hours doing the following:

-Dealt with wasps resident in the trailer bumper and to a lesser extent inside the trailer.
-Cleaned the battery terminals and put the batteries on charge with ac line current.
-Disconnected the batteries before leaving
-Tidied the inside of the trailer somewhat.
-Started the Honda 2k generator and ran it for about 15 minutes.
-Simon took the SARC club banner on its frame home for cleaning
-David hitched up and moved the trailer forward about 6 feet out of its winter ruts.
-Raised the tower to its vertical position to see how it worked but did not raise the sections
-Removed the one steel mast which would no longer fit completely within the tube on top of the trailer
-Stored the steel mast alongside Peter’s old flatbed trailer in the yard
-Removed the rotor and rotor cable from the top of the tower but replaced the 1-1/2 inch pipe so that the tower could be
secured by rope for transit.

We hope to do some washing of the trailer particularly on the front window panel covers a day or two before May 30.
We also hope to make arrangements to take the trailer to Sicamous on Friday, May 29, for overnight storage perhaps
at the Fire Hall.
My apologies, David and Simon, if I have missed any tasks.
A good start to prepare for use of the trailer for Safety Fair, Field Day, etc.

73– Ron



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