Founding SARC Club Member Tosh Miyagawa VE7DLA — Silent Key

IUQ-DLA-EmergH-001Tosh became a Silent Key on Tuesday, March 12, 2014 peacefully in the home of daughter Eileen and son-in-law Ken Kajiwara. He had recently taken a fall at the Edith Cavell Independent Living facility after which his regular weekend visits with the family became full time.

Tosh came to Salmon Arm from Milk River AB some time before the Eden Fire of 1973. In 1975 he often talked with Ken Hoshowski on simplex as Ken travelled from Kamloops to his work in Salmon Arm. These two felt the need of a repeater which soon followed after the 1977 formation of SARC in which they were both the prime movers. The foundation meeting was held in Ken’s  house who had by this time moved to Salmon Arm.

Although he rarely held office, Tosh was a tireless worker. In addition to co-founding the club, he was instrumental in promoting a long string of successful Shuswap Mini-Hamfests, the entertainment highlight of which was the Tahitian dancing performed by his award-winning grand-daughters in  2001.

Tosh was a noted CW operator and CW instructor as well as a Certified Examiner for many years with the club along with examiners Hans Berls and Ernie Neustaeter

Somewhat after his 90th birthday, Tosh’s family moved him from Armstrong to Vancouver where he could get more care. He was 96 when he died.

Always quiet but determined, Tosh with his winning smile had friends far and wide in the Shuswap, among them special friends Ted and Mary McTaggart at Haney Heritage Park who were also from Milk River.

Another valued friend, Bill Anderson VE7KDK helped Tosh for many years with this daily HF contacts to an older daughter in Toronto and drove Tosh from Amstrong to events in Salmon Arm when he was no longer able to drive safely.

Tosh will always be fondly remembered by those who knew him in the Shuswap.

Receiving you 599, Tosh.

One thought on “Founding SARC Club Member Tosh Miyagawa VE7DLA — Silent Key

  1. I first met Tosh in Mar. 2001 while looking for a certified cw examiner. Thanks to Mel Stratton, ve7str, I was directed to Tosh.
    After many sessions at his “Villa by the River” with treats from his wife Lillian, we become good friends. Tosh may be known as ve7 Dont Leave Alberta (but it didn’t take long to know his heart was really with the Shuswap Amateur Radio Club in Salmon Arm).
    After far too many treats and Tosh tapping out code on their kitchen counter, I finally got my 12 wpm. That was the beginning of fond memories of our fishing trips to Hidden lake, walks along the Shuswap river in Enderby and talking to his daughter Joann most mornings on 20 meters from Belleville, Ont.
    I learned during our code sessions that Tosh was really looking for someone to drive him to the Shuswap Senior’s lunch, Tuesday’s at the Piccadilly mall. I was happy to become his driver.
    After our lunches he would let his driver see the sights of Salmon Arm and, as my tour guide, he would point out the many homes of his Ham friends, along with entertaining stories of his friends.
    After Lillian passed away Jenny had Tosh over for many Japanese dinners – he never had to be asked twice.
    We missed him dearly when family took him down to the Coast, but he will forever have a place in our hearts.
    Kampai dear friend, Kampai
    Bill Anderson, ve7kdk & Jenny, ve7kiy

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