Field Day Report 2013

File: FD-Report-13 ………………………………………………

Shuswap Amateur Radio Club: Field Day Report.

June  22, 23 – 2013

At Haney Heritage Village and Museum site.


SSB                                                                                                    ­­­­

80 M                  01         QSO                                                 

40M                  41         QSO              

20 M                47          QSO                           

15 M                nil          QSO                                     


Total SSB                                                                      089                            

Multiplier                                                 1                                         

SSB score                                                                                  089                                                   


Total QSO Points    = 089    

Multiplier: Less than 150 watts: x2

Claimed Score                                     = 178  


Bonus Points Claimed For [2013]

100% Emergency Power [generator]—100 points x 2 Transmitters =  200 points

Media Publicity– Friday A.M.– paid ad on June 14, 21                        100 points

Set-up in Public Place [Salmon Arm Airport with SEP, airplanes         100 points

Information Booth: [handout and display signage and Visitor=s Log] 100 points

Site visited by served agency official:  R. Essex EOC Stn. Manager –  100 points

Site visited by invited elected official                                             nil

Formal NTS messages  handled  — Six messages at 10 each                   60 points.

NTS Message to ARRL Section Manager –                                           100 points

WIAW Message                                                                                         nil

Youth Element                                                                               100


Total Bonus Points Claimed:                                             860          points


Operators [in random order],

Ron VE7RLE,  Robin VE7HMN, Tom VE7AMM, Hans VE7OHR, Dallas Rooy, Bill VE7KDK, Mason Anderson, Jason VA7UT, Celia VE7NIA.

Helpers and Visitors: Tony Rizzi, Peter VE7RZZ, Hans VE7BOD,  Mike VA7MK,

Donna VE7ODR, Mary VA7MCH, Simon VE7SHG, David VA7HDY, Richard VE6NT.


Highlights: First use of Deluxe Wall tent, Youth Element ages 9 [Dallas]and 11[Mason]; first use of reinforced tower [still needs some repair work or possible rebuilding.]

Downside:   No CW operators; short-handed on setup with only four people; bent a telescoping mast which no longer fits properly into the storage tube on the trailer roof.


Organized by:  Bill VE7KDK , Simon VE7SHG, and Ron VE7RLE

Compiled by Ron VE7RLE

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