2022 RNH Maintenance

Philip H. Baker 

11 Sept 2022, 14:43 (19 hours ago)
to me



During the visit VE7RZZ and I replaced the existing uhf duplexer with a new and much better one, replaced the missing/damaged east uhf yagi antenna with one of the ones from the CSRD and installed a new power divider harness we made out of cables and connectors from VE7RZZ and the CSRD.

The charge controller settings were updated to more accurately manage the lead-carbon batteries.  This should eliminate the overvoltage alerts we have been getting occasionally for the last year.

Link operation to VE7AHR is now normal and the uhf signal towards the east (Sicamous, Malakwa, and Queest) has been restored.  The link at VE7QMR is not working most probably due to a problem with the controller which hopefully can be corrected by rebooting it.

It was very encouraging to note there had been no vandalism at the site for the first time in years.  Everything was exactly as we left it last year, including the porch door which was left closed.  There were recent tracks inside our fence from one or more quads but they didn’t touch anything.



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