About Ron Essex

Ron is a former secretary of SARC.


Ron photo droneOperators in rural Salmon Arm with the Shuswap Amateur Radio Club hone their skills in determining the transmission source of drones in unauthorized areas.
Present were Robin VE7HMN, Mike VE7LOG, Tim VA7TMK, Dave VA7HDY, and Simon VE7SHG with photos by Ron VE7RLE.
Further postings to this blog by members of the Technical Committee will comment upon the materials and procedures which will be required to further the club’s progress towards making the “hunt” more effective.DSC_7525

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Drone Fox Hunt Preparation

Club President and Technical Committee member Robin VE7HMN, at the May 12, 2016 Club Meeting, demonstrates the club 15-element 2.4 Ghz Yagi in conjunction with the wifi dongle and laptop.
At this demonstration, the laptop displays all WiFi sources and their respective signal strengths within an approximate one kilometer radius of the meeting site in the Piccadilly Mall Board Room.
The club has purchased the yagi and dongle–as part of its project to be able to locate the transmitter of a drone.
Hopefully testing will soon be conducted with drones personally owned by club members and then perhaps with the drones now being used by the Sicamous-based Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue group.

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