Cameo Appearance…. Werner VE7GWE

As luck would have it, I met Werner VE7GWE today in the library.

It will likely be the last time he graces us with his presence for several more years.

Werner is leaving immediately for Brazil where his trusty sailing vessel is in good repair and raring to go again.

After some more time in Brazil to finalize paperwork, he will set off again. His provisional plans are to spend several months in each of Uruaguay and Argentina, sail around the Horn [no mean feat for anyone], and eventually make his way back to Canada with a last stop in Hawaii.

We have followed his exploits on Facebook, and Werner estimates that he has posted no more than approximately one percent of all his photographs on social media.

We wish him all the best as he travels single-handedly on the remainder of his journey. Follow him on FB, APRS, or


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