1983: Early Reception of Shuttle: newspaper article by Hans VE7BOD

OWEN GARRIOT W5LFL, SPACE-SHUTTLE COLUMBIA. “The whole family went outside on December 1, 1983 at approximately 6:30 local time to look in to the clear night sky to see if we could spot the Space-Shuttle Columbia. Being an amateur radio operator or (commonly known as a Ham) I took my 2 meter FM handheld transceiver with me. And to my surprise, heard somebody calling, “This is W5LFL in the Space-Shuttle Columbia calling the West Coast of North America.” My wife standing a little further away said, “who’s that ham driving around Salmon Arm?” Now this resulted in some head-shaking and lecturing by the ham operator standing next to her.

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VE7RNH Repeater Licence Granted

The Shuswap Amateur Radio Club application of March 9, 1978 for a license to establish and operate an Amateur Radio Experimental station has received favourable consideration. “Authority is hereby granted for the operation of your Amateur Station Repeater in accordance with the regulations and schedule of frequencies determined by your Amateur certificate. The call sign VE7RNH is to be used to identify your station. 146.760 MHz Transmit and 146.160 MHz Receive. A formal license will follow.” issued by the Department of Communications, Kelowna.