Ode to Silent Keys


We twist the dial and listen
for fists that are not there;
then sadly we remember
they are no longer on the air.
The signals that once streaked across
the silent, empty sea –
The Chief of all the Universe
has ‘broken’ — “QRT.”

New men now take your places;
they are not quite the same;
like missing a familiar face,
we miss your well-known swing.
We’ll make them friends,
just as we always do,
but when we clamp our headsets on
we’ll think of you boys too.

Bon Voyage! Old friend, the best of luck,
short watches, better pay.
Just be on hand to welcome us
when we have signed “SK.”
May there be those who miss us too,
and say some words like these;
when we shall stand the watch up there
with you, and other silent keys.

Taken from a 1977 S.O.W.P “Sparks” Journal

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