Aquarius Trailer Floats Limited of Calgary and Sicamous

For what appears to be the first Field Day of the club and likely the most creative, the Field Day was held at Anstey Arm Provincial Park.

Our records contain the agreement of Cuthbert Hanna on behalf of the club for a trailer float from 9:00 a.m. June 25 to 7:00 p.m. June 26 complete with life jackets, fire extinguisher, chairs, porta-pottie, light plant, paddles, ring buoy, ropes, and rod holders.

The raft, I believe, used a camper supplied by Tosh as a shelter. There were also private pleasure boats. Thirteen licensed hams attended using dipoles for 40 and 80, a 20 m beam and 2m plumbers nightmare.  211 contacts were made. The weather was warm — sunny and overcast with no rain. Trailer float and generator rental totalled $98.

Participants paid a $2 Field Day fee. Those registered included Bert Hanna VE7BAX, Ed Ginger VE7BYN, Jack Blank VE7OK, Jean Blank VE7OI, Tosh Miyagawa VE7DLA, Ray McFarlane VE7BCV, Ken Hoshowski VE7BHJ, Marge Hoshowski VE7DML, Carl Tettelar VE7ATH, Marg Tettelar VE7ATI, Lee Penner VE7BPM, Al Marr VE7CAL, and Gerry Halliday VE7BJY.

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