SARC at the Loppet


After three years of cancelled Reino Keski-Salmi Loppets, due to COVID-19, SARC was back on the mountain assisting the loppet organizers with communications on the course this year.  Nearly 400 people participated in 39th Annual event, ranging in age from 2 to 85.  Ski conditions were not the greatest due to plus two degree temperatures but for those monitoring the check points the warmer temperatures meant fingers and noses weren’t being frozen.  The biggest problem was staying dry.   Once again our crew provided needed assistance when there were some problems with the course radios and Mike provided radio communications for a medical issue at his check point.

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RNH Back On the Air

The VE7RNH repeater is back on the air today courtesy of Mike VE7LOG, Ryan and Dave who sledded up to the repeater and cleared the heavy accumulation of snow on the solar panels. Thankfully, after an hour of charging the repeater radios and controller came back to life. The Voltage this evening reads 11.8 Volts and should continue to climb as we get sun in the next couple of days.  Thanks Dave, Ryan and Mike!  Photos below …

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Silent Key: Ron Harries VE7CUK 6 September 2020

Today, October 7, 2020, I have just sent Ron’s obituary into RAC.
Thanks, Dave Hadley for clipping the obituary from the local newspapers which must always accompany any submission into RAC regarding Silent Key status.
Ron passed away on September 6, having moved somewhat recently within the city from his long-time strata home near the college, so it was some time before we became aware of his passing.
Ron was not very well known to us outside of the club, but we did know that he had worked at the coast with the CBC until his retirement in 1991 prior to his move to Salmon Arm by way of Ladner and Lee Creek, arriving in the city in 1998.
What was surprising, however, was that he was the youngest grandson of Samuel Polson who had been known prominently for donating land for Polson Park and the Vernon General Hospital.
As to his relationship with the club, it was interesting to note the following in the chronology which we have on the blog in the history of SARC from its inception until 2014:
2002: RAC Canada Day Contest
2003: Air Affair and Field Day
2003: Canada Day Contest
2003: Ron was an operator in the following in this very busy fire season
 First fire: Sicamous Fire. EOC in the Sicamous Arena
 Second fire: Falkland-Cedar Hills Fire with the EOC in the Hydro building manned 24/7 with radio operators.
 Third fire: McGillivary-Niskonlith Fire with EOC in the Hydro building again manned 24/7 with radio operators.
2003: ? Assisted with 14 others moving the comshell from the QTH of Robin VE7HMN in the Mt. Ida region to the less windy QTH of Mike VE7LOG in Tappen.
2004: Held office as club vice-president.
2004: Procured a club web site from Jetstream at no cost to the club.
2005: VA7C: Assisted with the club in a three-day operation with Special Event call VA7C to celebrate the Centennial of Salmon Arm. The club trailer was located near the rec centre for the duration of the event.
2006: Took part in the VE7RNH roof work party.
2007: VE7AHR assisted with a work party in preparing the Adams Hill repeater for its eventual installation in 2008.
2008: Ron assisted with the re-install of the club’s trailer communications tower.
Finally, I was struck by this statement from his obituary: “Ron was not always easy to understand – he was a challenge to many and had his own ideas of how life should be lived.”
Indeed, we too in the club found him difficult at times, but he was well-intentioned and did more with and for the club than perhaps many others, and his participation has not gone unappreciated.
73—Ron Essex VE7RLE