Field Day prior to the formation of SARC

There is no doubt that there were many hams in the Okanagan Shuswap area long before the club was formed in 1977, and it is very likely that many hams gathered together in small informal groups to work Field Day which began with the American Radio Relay League  in 1933.

An undated newspaper clipping from Salmon Arm around 1976–my guess– reads as follows: Salmon Arm ham operator Ernest Doe and his brother George Doe from Coquitlam participated in a North-America wide exercise to test the effectiveness of emergency communications systems…..The Does used a portable generator, a 39-foot mast which was prefabricated at home, and a single vee antenna which they conducted from high land on the John Bergen farm at Notch Hill. They actually operated 17 hours and in that time made 114 contacts.


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