Belated comments on our “work party”

End of the day

End of the day

As you may remember our May general meeting took place at RZZ’s premises. We made a number of changes and improvements to our emergency comm. trailer. HDY and OHR were the main culprits in modifying the shower/toilet compartment, it is now much more useable space awaiting ideas. Repairs to the overhead cabinets were also done by HDY. The aforementioned we’re also mainly responsible for installing and securing the two 6V deep cycle batteries and also for making up the appropriate cables for connecting to the solar panels when required. The solar panels will not be mounted on the roof as originally envisioned but will be set up when required.
Meanwhile, REV,KDK and SHG were attempting to erect our new tent and were ably abetted by ODR. In my previous post I mentioned that putting up the new tent could be a one man operation, well we did not find that one man and furthermore our YL (ODR) was definitely an asset. Whilst some of us were enjoying light duty work with the tent others were doing the heavy work in Peter’s shop. The tower was manhandled off the roof of the trailer, not a one man job! After much planning, deliberations and other deep thoughts the placement and design of a gusset to reinforce the tower was decided upon and the ubiquitous Peter got to work. Once that was completed it was time to get the beast back onto the roof of the trailer. Thanks again to RZZ we now have an electric winch for extending the tower and everything worked quite well.

As a piece of trivia you may like to know that one of the tallest conifers on the property is 103ft. This was calculated by our resident bushman KDK.
We also enjoyed bbq’d burgers, dogs, potato salad, coffee and cookies and although the club supplied most of the goodies they were delightfully prepared for our consumption by Peter’s YL’s wife and daughter and our own YL Donna Rooy
It was a good day, the weather was clear,sunny and warm and we accomplished quite a bit. And we also held a regular monthly meeting.

These comments are of course quite cursory and more information, list of participants as well as pictures can be seen on the Picasa site of RLE.

And now for something completely different, especially for those who may miss the upcoming Net on Sunday. This coming Tuesday, May 28th will be our last coffee/lunch get together at Carri’s, Friday will be the their last day I believe. Jane’s in Piccadilly will now be where to find us on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

I have just realized I missed Ann’s call sign ve7RZI

I also neglected to mention that HMN was also instrumental in an advisory and design capacity for improvements to the mast. His idea to clamp PVC to the inside surface of a portion of the mast was a great improvement. My error in neglecting to mention that.
Feel free to let me know if I missed anything else.

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